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Dress Code


The Christian message is a call to a lifestyle that is different from the norm of society.  Dress and grooming regulations, based on that call, are centered on cleanliness, neatness, modesty, good taste, and safety.  Listed below are specific rules, which give definite statements for dress and grooming.  These regulations are to be observed by all students at all times while at school or any school function (field trips, etc.) unless specific regulations, differing from those listed below, are given by the Vice Principal.  The Deans reserve the right to request any student to change attire, to regulate against certain fashions, and to confiscate any objectionable items when they deem it necessary.  Issues relating to dress or appearance of a student that are not specifically mentioned in this handbook, but are inconsistent with the school’s philosophy and expectations, may be deemed unacceptable at the discretion of the Principal.

All students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus must abide by current masking policies set for by the health department, as well as any other mandates or orders specific to COVID-19.   

Limited Items

School hours are considered from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The following limited items may not be worn between those hours:  sunglasses, hats of any kind, and boy’s earrings.  This includes metal, plastic or rubber studs. Earrings must be moderate.  Bars, plugs or tribal spacers are not acceptable and may never be worn.

Restricted Items

The following restricted items are never allowed to be worn on campus or at any school function on or off campus:  bandanas, visible tattoos, body/nose rings, bars, plugs or tribal spacers.  This includes metal, plastic or rubber studs.  In addition, chains for wallets are not to be worn.


Bishop Amat has a uniform-style of dress for both boys and girls. Bishop Amat students are required to report to campus in their school uniform.  Students that have a PE, dance, or athletic class during the first block should report to school in their school uniform and report to the gym at 8:05 a.m. when the bell rings to change into their PE clothes. The only exceptions to this are the students that have an athletic practice before the school day begins.  Students that do not abide by this rule may face disciplinary action.  

Students may wear any combination of the uniform items listed below.  With the exception of uniform skirts, uniform sweaters and uniform vests which MUST be purchased from the Mills/Dennis Uniform Company, all other uniform items can be purchased elsewhere, however, specifications listed below must be met.  

Mills/Dennis Uniform Skirts (girls only) 

Skirts must be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee. Skirts cannot be rolled to a length shorter than three inches above the top of the knee.  Students who fail to comply with this length requirement may be denied the use of uniform skirts and, instead, be required to wear uniform shorts or pants.

Mills/Dennis Uniform Sweaters

V-neck pullovers, crew-neck pullovers, and cardigans are acceptable.  All sweaters must be worn with a uniform shirt underneath.  Approved uniform sweater colors are navy, burgundy and gray.

Mills/Dennis Uniform Vests

If worn, the vest must be worn with a uniform shirt underneath. Approved uniform vest colors are navy and burgundy.

Uniform Pants

Students must wear either Mills/Dennis uniform pants or classic, relaxed, or straight-leg pants provided the pants are the same color as Mills/Dennis (navy, khaki/tan, gray), they are not cargo-style pants, denim/jean material, Dickies brand or have exterior back pockets.  Classic Dockers are preferred.  All pants worn must meet the following set of criteria:

  1. Pants must be ankle length.  Joggers and capri pants are not allowed.
  2. Pants must fit the student.  They may neither be tight nor oversized.  Pants may not be tapered.
  3. Pants must not be low-rise.  Pants must have a waistband designed to be worn at the waist.  If Dockers are selected, only the Classic style fulfills this criterion.
  4. Pants must not have slits or tears at the bottom seams.
  5. Pants may not be jeans/denim material.
  6. Pants may not have exterior pockets.  Back pockets should be interior pockets. 
  7. Pants must not be rolled at the waist or ankles.
  8. Boys must always wear belts with their pants.
  9. Shirts must be tucked into the pants.

Uniform Shorts

Students must wear either Mills/Dennis uniform shorts or similar style shorts provided they are the same color as the Mills/Dennis shorts (navy, khaki/tan, gray), they have belt loops, and they are not cargo-style shorts, denim/jean material or Dickies brand.  Dockers are preferred.   

All shorts worn must meet this set of criteria:

  1. Shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee.
  2. Shorts must be no longer than the bottom of the knee.
  3. Shorts cannot be rolled up at the leg.
  4. Shorts must fit the student and cannot be tight or oversized.  
  5. Shorts must be worn at the waist and may not be low rise.
  6. Boys must wear a belt with their shorts.  
  7. Shirts must be tucked into the shorts. 

Uniform Shirts

Shirts may be purchased from local department stores provided they are the same style, color and shade of color as those sold by the Mills/Dennis Company.  Shirts must be free of writing, emblems or logos. Included are:

  1. polo shirts, long or short sleeve (colors: navy, royal blue, gray, baby blue, yellow, forest green, burgundy and white)
  2. striped/solid oxford shirt, long or short sleeve (navy/white stripe, maroon/white stripe, sky blue, white or yellow).  In most cases, only one top button may be unbuttoned.   *Shirts must always be tucked into the waistband of pants/shorts, skirts. Shirts cannot be pinned or cinched.


Shirts worn beneath uniform shirts are limited to the following:

  1. solid white, long or short sleeve cotton shirt (thermals or Under Armor style shirts are NOT permitted)
  2. solid white, long sleeve turtleneck shirt
  3. undershirts must be free of writing

Group Specific Amat Attire:  

All group specific Amat attire for athletic teams, performance groups, clubs, etc. which include shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, warm ups, uniforms, jackets, etc. must be submitted by the Athletic Director or the Activities Director for the approval of the Vice Principal.


The only sweaters and vests that may be worn by students are those styles sold by the Mills/Dennis Company.  As an alternative to the Mills/Dennis sweaters, the following items may be worn:

  1. Bishop Amat Sweatshirts and Logo Jackets:  These items are sold through the school student store and may be purchased at any time during the school year.  All sweatshirts must be worn with a uniform shirt underneath. Sweatshirts must be worn over the uniform shirt, sweater or vest.
  2. Bishop Amat Team/Group/ Letterman Jackets and Sweaters:  These items may be purchased through an individual team/group after approval is given by the Vice Principal.  These items must be clearly marked with the school name and team name.  Acceptable colors are royal blue, navy, yellow/gold, white and gray.
  3. Sweatshirts that are not clearly marked with the school name and in any color other than the approved colors (stated previously) may not be worn.  This includes university/college sweatshirts, CIF sweatshirts purchased or provided at any competition in which the student participated.

Cold/Inclement Weather Policy

When weather conditions call for additional outerwear while outdoors, students may wear coats/jackets provided selections meet the following criteria:

  1. Coats/jackets must be solid in color with no writing, emblems or patches.  Team/group jackets other than Bishop Amat jackets may NOT be worn.
  2. Coats/jackets may not be denim or Pendleton (plaid/flannel) style.
  3. Coats/jackets must be worn over Bishop Amat sweatshirt/jackets/sweaters while outdoors.  When inside the classroom, students should remove additional outerwear as instructed.

Sweatshirt Hoods

Hoods may only be worn outdoors during cold or inclement weather.  Hoods must be removed when the student enters the campus buildings.  Students are expected to comply immediately when asked by a Dean or teacher to remove their hoods.  No other hats or other headwear may be worn.


Belts must be plain, without writing, designs, or studs of any kind.  Acceptable styles are webbed, braided or leather belts of standard width in tan, black, burgundy, navy, or gray.  Belts and buckles may not be oversized.  Buckles with initials or emblems are not permitted.


Dress Shoes:  Hard sole shoes higher than mid-ankle can only be worn with pants, never with skirts or shorts. Pants may not be cut to fit over the shoes. Pants may not be tucked into shoes.  Shoes may not have open toes or open backs.  *Crocs, soft sole shoes or shoes that look like slippers or moccasins are not permitted. 

Tennis Shoes:  Tennis shoes must be in good condition and have one of these colors as the primary color of the shoe:  white, black, blue, gray, maroon or khaki/tan.  Shoes with stripes, plaids, designs or prints are not allowed to be worn.  Checkered tennis shoes are OK provided they follow the prescribed shoe colors listed above.  Shoelaces must be white or a solid color that is the same as the primary color of the shoe.  Roller shoes are prohibited.  *Crocs, soft sole shoes or shoes that look like slippers or moccasins are not permitted.  


All students must wear socks.  Only solid colored socks free of writing (except the company brand name/logo) or designs may be worn in the following colors:  white, black, navy, burgundy, tan, brown, or gray.  Socks must clearly extend above the top of the shoe so as not to appear as though the student is not wearing socks.  If socks worn are not clearly and obviously visible over the top of the shoe, they are too short and the student should purchase socks of an increased length.

In addition to socks, girls may wear solid colored knee highs (worn below the knee) or tights in black, burgundy, gray, white, navy or tan.  Tights may be worn with dress shoes only, not tennis shoes.  Leggings, patterned, fish-net or textured tights/ nylons are not permitted. 


Note:  Either socks or tights may be worn.  Students may not wear socks and tights: one or the other.


Acceptable (Girls)

Hair that is neat, clean and moderate, of the student’s natural color (except for light highlighting), combed in such a way that it does not hang in the face; Cosmetics that are moderate; No more than two earrings in any ear, no longer than two inches from point of insertion.  Earrings may only insert at one site (no bars, tribal spacers or plugs).

Unacceptable (Girls)

Exaggerated hairstyles (tails, unnatural red/orange/or other colored hair, two-toned hair colors/“ombre” look); shaved areas; hair that hangs in the face; more than two earrings in one ear; earrings that are longer than two inches from insertion.  Nose rings, tribal spacers and plugs are restricted items and are never allowed to be worn during school or at any school function on or off campus.

Acceptable (Boys)

Hair that is neat, clean and moderate, of the student’s natural color, does not extend below the collar, does not extend below the eyebrow and does not extend below the middle of the ear.  If curly, hair must not extend below the eyebrows or extend too high from the scalp.  Haircut length differences must be blended; One step is allowed provided hair length difference is no greater than 2 inches and there are no shaved areas; Sideburns should be clean cut, no wider than one inch, and must not extend below the ear.  Face should be clean-shaven, at all times.  Earrings are not permitted before 4:00 p.m. even if covered by band aids.

Unacceptable (Boys)

Mohawks or faux-hawks; bleached or dyed hair, exaggerated styles (tails, shaved areas or shaved lines/designs, excessive length, a significant difference between the top and the sides of hair); hair extending below the eyebrow or middle ear; hair below collar; more than one step; step difference of greater than 2 inches; earrings before 4:00 p.m..  Nose rings, bars, tribal spacers and plugs are restricted items and are never allowed to be worn during school or at any school function on or off campus.

Note:   School hours are considered to be from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  In addition to these hours, Bishop Amat reserves the right to deny the wearing of any objectionable or offensive items on campus or at school functions at any time.  Students and parents should be advised certain dress code violations will result in the student being sent home to change or make necessary adjustments prior to being allowed back to class.  Such violations include:

  •   Skirts worn shorter than 3 inches above the knee
  •   Shorts worn shorter than 3 inches above the knee
  •   Pants/shorts worn excessively baggy or tight or with tears
  •   Pants of jean or denim material
  •   Pants/shorts that are not approved style, brand or cut
  •   Shirts worn that are not of an approved color or shade of color
  •   Any other dress code standard for which the student is in repeated violation