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Disciplinary Actions


Violations of the Bishop Amat Disciplinary Code will be handled according to these disciplinary actions. The circumstances involved, as well as the occurrence of multiple problems, will determine the final action taken with each student, and may warrant more serious action than stated below.

A student may be asked to withdraw or may be expelled for violations of school rules committed while on school grounds, while going to or from school, or during or while going to or from a school-sponsored activity. These are some of the violations in increasing severity:

Violations That Make a Student Liable to Detention:

  1.  Repeated offenses of gum chewing or eating in these restricted areas:library, chapel, computer labs, science labs, hallways, and in the classroom during class time
  2.  Refusal to pay fines for chewing gum on campus or eating in a restricted area
  3.  Entering cars or the parking area during the school day
  4.  Littering anywhere on campus
  5.  Loitering in the hallways at any time when classes are in session
  6.  Opening another student’s locker without permission
  7.  Writing on desks
  8.  Excessive displays of affection on campus or at a school sponsored activity
  9.  Repeated unexcused tardies
  10.  Failure to follow attendance procedures.(Student is liable for Saturday Detention)
  11.  Partial truancy
  12.  Violation of dress code
  13.  Cheating on homework or class work assignments, quizzes, or tests
  14.  Possession of any material that will help a student to cheat on any schoolwork or testing, including illicitly annotated textbooks, as determined by the classroom teacher
  15.  Plagiarism on homework or other minor assignment
  16. Unacceptable behavior in class
  17. Throwing food or other objects on campus or in the classroom
  18. Reckless driving on school property (Student may also lose parking lot privileges.)
  19. Failure to serve a teacher detention (Student is liable for Saturday Detention.)
  20. Cell phone going off in class or using a cell phone in class, in the hallway or in the restroom during the school day

Violations That Make a Student Liable to Disciplinary Probation:

  1. Distribution or posting of unapproved materials on campus
  2. Gambling
  3. Habitual profanity or vulgarity in word or writing (obscene gestures included)
  4. Continued and willful disobedience
  5. Open and persistent defiance of the authority of a teacher
  6. Repeated instances of cheating on homework or class room assignments, quizzes or tests
  7. Cheating on major examinations, midterms or semester examinations; copying or plagiarizing on major projects
  8. Fighting on campus, near campus, or at a school-sponsored function off campus. (All active participants in a fight situation will be suspended and placed on probation regardless of who caused the fight.)
  9. Forgery, or use of forged notes or passes - tampering with absentee lists is included.
  10. Truancy
  11. Tampering with fire alarms or fire extinguishers
  12. Smoking, having tobacco on one’s person, or being in possession of tobacco on campus. Smoking within two blocks of the school or at any school-sponsored activity is included.
  13. Disruption of school activities (on or off campus) or other willful defiance of valid authority of supervisors, teachers or administrators.
  14. Behaving in a manner that contributes negatively to the school environment or perception of the school by the community.

Violations that Make a Student Liable to Immediate Dismissal from the School:

  1. Violation of a Disciplinary Probation Contract; disobedience and continued willful disregard for school policies.
  2. Stealing, tampering with, or any unauthorized handling of teacher’s grade books, textbooks, answer keys, handbooks, keys, classroom or office computer(s), school forms or other belongings
  3. Stealing or purchasing a copy of a quiz, project, test or examination or knowingly receiving such a copy from another student
  4. Use of an electronic device to illegally store and/or distribute answers to a quiz, test or examination
  5. Threat of force or use of profanity by word or action to a teacher or staff member on or off campus. In addition, any parent or guardian or other person who insults or abuses any teacher in the presence of other school personnel or pupils at a place which is on school premises or at some other place, if the teacher is required to be at some other place in connection with assigned school activities, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (E.E. 13560)
  6. Possession or use of firecrackers or any exploding device including smoke bombs, on campus or at any school sponsored activity
  7. Setting fires on campus - Suspicious fires are reported to the Arson Squad.
  8. Scandalous and immoral conduct on or off campus (including the Internet) at any time while the student is enrolled in Amat.
  9.  Marriage of a student (Admin. Section VIII, “Married Students”)
  10.  Possession of harmful weapons and material or objects that can be used as weapons on or near campus, or at any school-sponsored activity
  11.  The use, purchase, sale, distribution, possession or being under the influence of any alcoholic beverage on or near campus, or at any school-sponsored activity
  12.  The use, purchase, sale, distribution, possession or being under the influence of any illegal drug on or near campus, or at any school sponsored activity - In addition to dismissal from school, it is the policy of the school in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, to notify law enforcement agencies when drugs are found on campus.
  13.  The sale, purchase, distribution or possession of drug paraphernalia on or near campus or at any school sponsored function.
  14.  Procuring, assisting in the procurement of, causing or encouraging an abortion especially where the situation becomes general knowledge - In addition, if any student’s parent or guardian coerces and/or assists in the procurement of an abortion for his or her daughter or any other student, this action is cause for the son or daughter of that parent to be dismissed from school. (Admin. VIII-10, “Abortion”)
  15.  Theft of school property or student property - Parents are liable for the cost of replacement.
  16.  Willful cutting, defacing, or otherwise damaging school property or student property. (This includes graffiti on desks, locker walls, windows in bathrooms or on any other school property.)Parents are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.
  17.  Reselling lost or stolen books
  18.  Deliberate harassment of a fellow student.
  19.  Membership or active involvement in a gang or group that is responsible for coercive or violent activity (Admin. VIII-15, “Gangs”)
  20.  Any violation of the Computer Use Restrictions that is determined to be serious in nature.
  21.  Unauthorized use of the school seal or symbol intended to represent the school seal on any document, regardless of whether the document was produced on or off campus.
  22.  Threats: verbal, written, electronic or graphic. (Admin. VIII-12)
  1.  Assault/battery or any threat of force or violence directed towards anyone. 

(Admin. VIII-13)

  1.  Being the means by which violence comes to campus or to school events. 

(Admin. VIII-13)

  1.  Any other action of a sufficiently serious nature as determined by a hearing of the Disciplinary Board.