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Attendance Policy


Students are expected to have regular and prompt attendance in class. Missing more than 40 minutes of an 80-minute class (or half the period for a shorter class) constitutes an absence.   A note from a parent/guardian verifying an absence will be kept on file in the Attendance Office through the end of the school year.  

A student who misses more than 10 class sessions in a semester, for a particular course, is considered to be excessively absent and, therefore, in danger of losing academic credit for the course(s) in which the absences occurred.  Any student who exceeds 15 absences will automatically lose academic credit regardless of the grade or reason(s) for the absence(s). 

When a student reaches 7 absences in a class for any reason (verified, unexcused, truancy, or suspension) during a semester, a conference may be scheduled with the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s), and the school counselor. At this conference, the reasons for the excessive absences will be reviewed and a plan for successfully completing the semester will be discussed.  The student may also be placed on an attendance contract to which the student must adhere in order to earn credit for the class.  

Parents will receive a daily attendance notification from the Attendance Office alerting them to their student’s absence or tardiness to class.  Parents will be directed to the Parent Portal to check for the specific class(es) in which the student was marked absent or tardy. 

While being present at school every day is very important, we recognize that there are instances where an absence is necessary and even expected (i.e. illness, death in the family, etc.).  Such instances should supersede any efforts to be in school every day and have perfect attendance.  As such, awards for perfect attendance are not issued.

Types of Absences

1.  Verified absences: 

  • valid illness
  • medical, dental, orthodontic, optometry or lab appointment
  • legal or *court appearance
  • attendance at funeral services
  • approved school sponsored activities

2.  Unexcused absences: 

any absence for an acceptable reason (as listed above) in which the parent/guardian has failed to notify the school and has not provided a signed note for the student’s attendance file 

3.  Truancy:

Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence from school without the knowledge and consent of both the parents and the proper school authority, either for a whole day, part of a day, or part of a class period.

4.  Authorized Family Absence:

Authorized family absences are those absences that have been prearranged through, and approved by, the Vice Principal.  These absences are counted towards the student’s allowable absences and will be included in the total absence count if a loss of credit situation should arise.


Note:  A mandated and verified court appointment is not counted as an absence provided the student presents an official statement from the court noting the time and length of the appointment upon return to school.