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The activity groups of Bishop Amat have been created for the benefit of the student body.  Their purposes are to provide additional learning opportunities to compliment the academic program, to encourage responsibility, and to increase student involvement in the school.  For these reasons, membership for at least one year in an activity group or athletic team is strongly recommended.

The activity program includes the following groups:

  • Special Interest Clubs (vary year to year)
  • State and National Organizations
    • BSAC, Black Scholastic Achievement Club
    • Honor  Societies : California Scholarship Federation, National Honor Society, Junior    Statesmen of America.
  • Performance Groups
    •  All Lancer Band Groups
    •  All Lancer Choir Groups
    •  Bishop Amat Color Guard & Twirlers
    •  Bishop Amat Dance Team
  • Drama Productions
  • Video Productions Team
  • Publication Groups
    • The Lance Newspaper
    • Tusitala Yearbook


All students are invited to participate in one or more clubs or organizations.  The Student Senate is the governing body of these groups.  The Club Commissioners, under the guidance of the ASB Vice-President, organize a Club Week during September of each year in order to introduce new and existing groups to the student body.  It is during Club Week that the various groups recruit their membership.  In addition, the Club Commissioners work with the moderators and officers of the clubs and organizations to ensure that all qualifications for active status have been met.

Students who participate in active clubs or active organizations may have verification of participation added to their transcripts.

Club and Organization Requirements:

  1. A constitution and charter sheet must be on file with the Club Commissioner.
  2. There must be at least 20 paid members in the group.
  3. The constitution, dues, and the charter sheet must be submitted to the Club Commissioner within 2 weeks after Club Week.
  4. Groups must meet once a month, on a day other than Wednesday, submitting attendance records of their meetings to the Club Commissioner.  Meetings for the group must be approved by the Club Commissioner before the actual meeting.
  5. Each group must have an activity once a quarter with at least 50% of the membership present.  A list of participants in the activity is to be given to the Club Commissioner.
  6. Each group must complete a Christian service project that is approved by the Director of Christian Service and the ASB Office.
  7. At the end of each quarter, active membership lists are to be submitted to the Club Commissioner.
  8. A list of active clubs and organizations is made available by the Activities Director after Club Week each year. Further information, including how to form a club on campus, can be found in the Club and Organization Handbook.

Club and Organization Member Requirements: 

  1. All members must pay dues.
  2. Members must be present for 75 percent of the group’s meetings as well as participate in 75 percent of the group’s activities for the year.  One of these activities must be the Christian Service project.
  3. A member must be in school for a minimum of a half day to participate in an afternoon or evening activity.


1.  If a club or organization, already recognized on campus, does not fulfill the above-indicated requirements, it will be placed on probation for one month.  If a group is shown to be inactive for a two-month period, the Club Commissioner will submit the group’s name to the Student Government in order to disband the group. A club or organization, which is disbanded, has its treasury confiscated by the Student Government.

2.  After the second grading period of a school year, club members who are shown to be inactive will be placed on probation.  Any student who is listed as inactive in a club for the entire semester of the year will not be considered a member of that club.