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Last H/W!

RQs p. 242 #1-3, p. 245 #2, p. 254 #1,2,5
Due Friday May 24
Please remember all late work is due by 3 p.m. Friday May 24
All tests must be taken by Friday May 24, 3 p.m.
Remember to set aside 6 consecutive days to study for your Final Exam.
Finally, please bring your film packet for "The Help" this Friday, May 24.

Important Announcement

There will be subs in my classroom Tuesday May 7.  I expect there will be cooperation and respect.  I do not want to hear any reports of misconduct.  

Test Chapter 8

Monday, April 15.  Bring book and death penalty handout because you may use both for the test.
Bring book Thursday April 11- we are doing the chapter 8 directed reading guide

H/W #7

Read Death penalty editorial  (given in class)
On back, write your response to the positions taken by the author.
Due Thursday April 11

Test #2

Test #2 will be open book on Friday, March 8.  It will ONLY be open book if the subs this week do not give me any bad reports- no phone usage, no messing around, no sleeping, etc.
There will be a short essay.  Your chapter handouts will help you answer the question.  
Choice #1-  Compare natural law to revealed law.  What are the major components to each one?  Are there similarities?  Are there differences?  How does natural law relate to revealed law?
Choice #2-  List all the precepts of the Church.  Then discuss three of them in detail.  Why do you think the precept exists?  How do you think the particular precept connects us to the community if the Church (the people of God)?

FFF March reminder

Turn it in this week for it to be on time
I am on Kairos from Wednesday through Friday- you may put it underneath my office door and I will get it when I return Friday evening.

February Reminders

1.  The project is due Tuesday, Feb. 19
2.  Family Faith Formation is due by Monday, March 4 to be on time
3.  First Test-  Chapters 1,2-   Tuesday Feb. 12