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Make Sure you click on Show you all the Homework, so that you can see everything that is posted online because I list all work two weeks in advance this might cause you not to see something.

Test next class

Study Chapter 3 & 4 Quizzes (30 questions)

- Know the different Sections of the Old Testament & distinguish 

  • Torah
  • Historical
  • Wisdom
  • Major Prophets 
  • Minor Prophets

- Know the different Sections of the New Testament & distinguish

  • Gospels
  • Acts
  • Paul Letters
  • Catholic Letters
  • Revelation

- Be able to identify & distinguish the books of the Pentateuch (5)

  • Genesis
  • Exodus 
  • Leviticus 
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy

- 4 questions on Moses & Exodus Story

  • plagues
  • Ten Commandment breakdown
  • Covenant
  • tabernacle 

- 1 questions on writing traditions 

  • anthropomorphic

Where does Moses build his Relationship with YHWH?

What event leads to the freedom of the people?

What does God give Moses as a sign of the Sinai Covenant?

What do they build to store it in?

What did God promise Abraham?

Who was going to be sacrificed?

What was Jacob's name changed to?

Who brought the people to Egypt?