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Class Expectations

Class Expectation

Classroom Student Expectations / as a student in this class, it is expected that you will follow our 10 Golden Rules

  1. Come to class prepared and on time – quietly in seats when the bell rings / log in
  2. Listen actively – No talking during instructional time – 1) stop, 2) look, 3) listen
  3. Come to create – “Imagination is more important than knowledge” - Einstein
  4. Do your personal best – be an active participant in your education rather than a passive recipient; work and learn to your highest potential
  5. Respect your classmates – their opinions, their work, and their property
  6. Keep things organized – help each other; “do it right or do it again”
  7. Behave – abide by your “in-school code of behavior”
  8. Allow yourself to fail – learning from your mistakes is part of the creative process
  9. Take care of our computers – use your computers for their intended purpose/ No food or drinks in the lab.
  10. No random internet surfing, no videos, and no games