School Policies » Cold Weather Dress Code Reminders

Cold Weather Dress Code Reminders

As the cold days are upon us, we would like to remind parents and students about acceptable outerwear for the school day.  In addition to Mills sweaters and vests, the ONLY sweatshirts that students are allowed to wear are Bishop Amat school/team/club sweatshirts. 

In very cold weather, students are allowed to wear a solid color coat/jacket over a Bishop Amat sweatshirt.  The solid color coat/jacket should have no writing, emblems or designs of any kind and can only be worn if a Bishop Amat sweatshirt alone does not keep the student warm.  Please refer to pages 28-29 of the Lancer Life for more information.  

In addition, parents and students are reminded that blankets, beanies or sweats are not allowed during the school day.  On cold days, students are strongly encouraged to wear either the Mills uniform pants or the acceptable style of Dockers pants.