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Cell Phone and Other Technology Policy



As the school recognizes that many students carry personal electronic devices such as cellular phones to campus, students and parents must recognize the use of such devices readily becomes a distraction from the school’s academic purpose.  As such, the following limitations apply to the use of technological devices on campus.  The school is not responsible for the loss or theft of any technological devices which a student brings to school.



    The use of cell phones, including smart watches, for personal reasons is strictly prohibited during the school day.  In the event of an emergency, parents or legal guardians alone may contact the student by calling the Attendance Office.  Similarly, students should come to the Attendance Office to call parents if such a need arises during the school day.  Students who carry cell phones or smart watches must leave them turned off (not on silence or vibrate) and in their book bags, purses or lockers.  Students are not to carry such devices in their pockets, on their waists or on their wrist.  After 2:45 p.m., students may use their cell phones in the lunch area only or other areas where students wait for rides.  Students are never allowed to use cell phones or smart watches in the academic area (academic wings, library, quad, walkways between academic wings, offices, etc.) for personal reasons even after 2:45 p.m.


    Students who remove cell phones from their book bags or purses during the school day, carry their cell phone on them, or whose device rings or beeps in class will have that device confiscated and their respective Dean of Discipline will be notified.  As the Deans of Discipline have additional responsibilities, it is unrealistic for students and parents to expect an immediate release of confiscated devices. A confiscated cell phone will not be released on the same day that it was confiscated. Students that have an item confiscated for the first time may have the item returned directly to them only after a detention slip has been issued by their respective Dean.  Repeat violators will be issued more hours of detention and the item will only be released directly to a parent/guardian after all of the detentions issued for the confiscation have been served. There are no exceptions to these policies.  Students who repeatedly violate the school’s cell phone policy are subject to further consequences, including disciplinary probation.  Confiscated devices are released after school through the Vice Principal’s office provided the above procedures have been followed.  


    Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, all freshmen, sophomores and juniors will be required to bring a device (Chromebook or laptop computer) to school daily.  The expectation is that seniors will also bring a device to school as well.  These devices may be used during class time under the immediate direction and supervision of the classroom teacher.  Under specific circumstances, cellular phones may be used for academic purposes only.  



     Students are responsible for monitoring their personal technology devices (i.e. Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, air pods, headphones, etc.).  Students should not leave items unattended in lockers or book bags, as the school is not responsible for the loss or theft of such items.  The use of listening devices (iPods, cell phones, headphones/air pods, speakers, etc.) is not permitted anywhere on campus during the school day.  As such, students who use these devices or have these devices visible may have them confiscated by teachers or the Deans of Discipline.  


    The use of personal laptop computers, smart watches, iPads or other tablets on campus is limited to academic use under the immediate direction and supervision of the classroom teacher for specific curricular purposes.



    Students are not permitted to use electronic devices for the purposes of recording at any time on campus including school events without prior approval.  When appropriate, school events may be videotaped by authorized school personnel.



    The unauthorized use of laser pointers is prohibited at all times on campus.  Students with such devices will be subject to having them confiscated.