School Policies » Lancer Dress Days and Athletic Events Dress Code

Lancer Dress Days and Athletic Events Dress Code


Occasionally during the school year, there will be days when students are invited to dress out of uniform. These days are most often associated with special schedules or activities such as rallies.  All students have the privilege to participate provided they abide by the guidelines specified prior to the activity.  Sometimes a particular theme or color scheme is required in order to participate.  Generally speaking, these special “Lancer Dress” days are limited to wearing jeans and tennis shoes along with a uniform shirt, an official Amat shirt/jersey or specific color, depending on the selected theme.  Jeans worn must be in good condition with no rips or tears.  Jeans may not be too tight or too baggy and must sit at the waist.  The only acceptable footwear is tennis shoes.



Bishop Amat students are expected to abide by school philosophy with regard to dress at all school functions, including public events, such as games, as spectators.  Students should dress according to this casual dress code:


  1. Jeans or any other non-uniform pants provided:
    • They are in good condition; no rips or tears above the knee that show any skin
    • They fit the student; no oversized pants or tight pants.
    • They are worn at the waist.


  1.  Non-uniform shirts provided:
    • They are not halter-tops.
    • They are not low cut and do not expose a bare midriff.
    • They are not exposing undergarments (No netted or sheer shirts which expose undergarments.)
    • They have no writing or pictures that degrade individuals or groups of individuals, promote the use of alcohol or other illicit substances, or display sexually suggestive content.
    • Shorts and skirts may be worn provided they are no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee.