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General Attendance-Related Policies

Make-Up Work

When absent, it is highly recommended that the student email the teacher directly to inform him/her.  As all assignments are posted on teachers’ Google Classrooms, students should be able to access any work assigned on the day of the absence.  Teachers are required to allow students with verified absences to make up all assignments and tests.  Teachers are not required to provide make up work for students with unexcused absences.  


Classwork and quizzes may be made up at the discretion of the teacher; however, at no time may a zero be given for a quiz or assignment that the student was not permitted to make up.  Students are responsible for following the make-up policies established by teachers as stated in their course syllabus.  Students who are absent have as many days to make up work as they were absent.  In cases of extended absences, arrangements must be made with the Academic Counselor.  Any long term assignments such as projects are due on the established due date, regardless of absence.  

Arrangements to take tests missed due to absence must be arranged directly with the teacher.  


Extended Absences due to Illness

When a student is expected to be absent for more than five days due to illness or hospitalization, the parent must contact their student’s school counselor and notify the Attendance Office.  The counselor will assist the parent in communicating and coordinating with the student’s teachers. 


Extended Absences due to Travel

Parents should not make travel plans that interfere with school attendance.  If, however, a student must miss school due to family business, travel, etc., the parent must inform the Attendance Office ahead of time. These absences will be counted towards the student’s allowable absences and will be included in the total absence count if a loss of credit situation should arise. 


Parents requesting assignments prior to the planned absence should email the teachers directly; however, teachers are not required to make such provisions.  If assignments are provided, students are expected to submit completed work upon their return to school. 


Attendance at School Activity or Event

Any student who is absent from school for more than half the day on the day of a school activity or event (athletic contest, field trip, rehearsal, dance, practice, meetings, retreats, rally, picnic, etc.) may not attend or participate in that activity or event.



Students may use the Infirmary to get immediate help for a minor situation or to make arrangements to go home if sick. Students should not use their personal cell phones to contact a parent when sick.  Instead, students should report to the Infirmary where the attendant will make parent contact.  Students are not allowed to stay in the Infirmary for long periods of time. Students who are in the Infirmary during class time are considered absent from class. 


Students who are released from school through the Infirmary are to report to the Attendance Office before leaving campus to exchange their Infirmary pass for an Early Dismissal slip. The Early Dismissal slip is exchanged for a re-admit slip when the student returns to school unless additional days are missed. (See Infirmary - Health and Safety - General School Policies page 47).


Ditch Days

Ditch days are not permissible.  Ditch days are illegal, even when the parent gives permission for the student to be absent from school.  Students who are discovered to be participating in a ditch day, even with parent permission, will be considered truant by the school.  Parents are required to support the state and school regulations regarding ditch days by not signing absent notes for false illness or other situations to cover up participation in a ditch day.



A student who is absent from school without a valid excuse for three full days or who is tardy/absent for more than a 30 minutes period during the school day or any combination thereof, is a truant and shall be reported as such.  In the event that the school suspects that a student is truant (absent from school/classes without a valid excuse), the parent/guardian will be notified immediately and the student will be placed on Disciplinary Probation.  If the school suspects that the student is habitually truant (absent three times in a school year, without a valid excuse) and all resources at the school level have been exhausted, the school will notify the local Child Welfare and Attendance authorities.  Students who are habitually truant are subject to dismissal from the school.