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Early Dismissals



Regular (Non-Athletic) Early Dismissals

No student is ever allowed off campus during school hours without specific permission obtained, in advance, through the Attendance Office.


When a student is expected to leave class early due to a prearranged appointment, the parent must call the Attendance Office, send an email with a parent signature or send a signed note with their student to drop off at the Attendance Office by 8:10 am.


Parents must submit a signed early dismissal request with the following information: name of student, ID number, date of early dismissal from class, reason for early dismissal, parent signature and parent contact number.  


Early dismissal requests will be processed during the first block of the day and students may pick up their Early Dismissal slip from the office at break or lunch.  Requests made directly by parents/guardians later in the day will be processed, however, please note the following:


Once students are dismissed to a scheduled break, lunch or assembly (Mass, rallies, etc.), students cannot be pulled for an Early Dismissal


On special activity/picnic days, Early Dismissal requests will not be approved and processed unless the parent/legal guardian comes to campus to personally make the request.  This includes the parent/legal guardian of any student-driver.  Phone call or email requests will not be accepted either.  There will be no exceptions.

Athletic Early Dismissals

Classroom teachers are provided with an electronic listing of athletic teams, team rosters, game days, and dismissal times for each season.   Team members are automatically released from class for games according to these listings.