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Attendance Procedures



The Day of an Absence

When a student is expected to be absent for either the whole day or part of the day, the parent must call the Attendance Office at extension 7440 or send an email to to notify the school of the absence.


The Day After an Absence

1.  The parent/guardian must provide a signed note * with the following information to clear

     the absence as verified:

  • name of student and ID number
  • date(s) of absence
  • reason for absence
  • parent signature and contact number

*An official note provided by a doctor, dentist or medical office will also suffice.


2.  Signed notes should be scanned and emailed to:


3.  Signed notes can also be faxed to: (626) 480-7442 or sent with the student to drop off at the

     Attendance Office upon the return to campus.


4.  When a signed note is received by the office personnel, the absence will be cleared as



5.  If no note is provided, office personnel will make every effort to follow up with parent.  Until

     then, the absence will remain “unexcused”.


Arriving at School After the Start of a School Day:

Students arriving to campus any time after 8:30 am MUST check in at the Attendance office.  It is imperative that the student check in at the Attendance Office when arriving to school after the start of the school day whether or not the student has a signed note.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary consequences.