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Welcome to the Math Department home page!

The Mathematics Department at Bishop Amat offers a variety of courses designed to serve our entire student population. Our courses provide students with a solid foundation in math skills and prepare the student to enter an institution of higher learning.

There are many different courses into which an incoming freshman student may be placed, depending on the results of the entrance exam, the math placement test, and/or 8th grade curriculum. Freshman courses typically range from Pre-Algebra to Honors Geometry, depending on the individual student. 

Note: If incoming freshmen do not demonstrate mastery of Algebra 1 on the Math Placement Test, but are just shy of a passing score, there are summer school options that will allow a student to advance.
Please see the "Math Paths and Placement Rubric" file attached below for further clarification of the math placement process and additional information about summer school options.
Students at all grade levels are encouraged to speak with their academic counselors about their math course options throughout their time here at Amat.