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Retreat Program

Retreat Programs
Kairos Retreat (Senior Year)
Kairos, also known as ‘Christian Awakening,’ is a close adaptation of the Cursillo. Significant benefits have come to our seniors from this retreat and to many of our faculty who have joined alumni as team members.
The Kairos program typically begins after school on Monday and ends early Thursday evening. From forty to fifty students attend led by a team composed of six or seven alumni and six faculty members. Major talks – each team member presents one – are followed by discussion in small groups. There are other particular activities to promote community, to build a sense of reflection and to encourage trust and openness. Among the key themes are: knowing myself, finding out who Jesus is for me, recognizing what Jesus’ call to me is, living the message of Christ.
The cost for the Kairos Retreat is $360.  Financial Assistance is available.
Kairos Dates 2021 - 2022:
Emmaus Retreat (Junior Year)
The Emmaus program is a three day, two night retreat which focuses on our call to active Discipleship of Christ.  The retreat allows the participants to reflect on the presence of Jesus in their lives.  The Emmaus retreat is filled with activities of reflection, community building and spiritual growth.  The Emmaus retreat is led by seniors and members of the faculty.  The Emmaus retreat is a "sister" retreat to Kairos, so those who are able to participate in both have a unique perspective.
The cost for the Emmaus Retreat is $260.  Financial Assistance is available.

Emmaus Dates 2021 - 2022: