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Campus Ministry

Bishop Amat High School seeks to form a community of faith-filled disciples committed to Christian truth based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Campus Ministry Center or “The Lighthouse” is a place to build community and culture that provides faith, hope, and discipleship.  The mission of Bishop Amat’s Campus Ministry Program is threefold:


  • To foster a faith community among the students, faculty, and staff regardless of religious affiliation.
  • To foster and encourage a personal relationship with Christ that moves them to embrace the commitment to love, serve, and proclaim the Good News.
  • To support and encourage the pastoral, spiritual, and moral development of the Amat family.


Campus Ministry continues the mission and message of Jesus by creating opportunities for students to experience daily living in a faith community and to develop a faith commitment and a desire to serve others.  To achieve these goals, Campus Ministry offers the following services:


Liturgical Celebrations

Mass is offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place on the first Friday of each month in the Chapel during lunch

Monthly school-wide Mass


Prayer Life

Each day begins with a school prayer

Each class begins with a prayer

Each afternoon starts with a prayer


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Advent and Lenten Penance Services

Weekly during lunch in the Chapel


Class Retreats

Seniors: Kairos Retreats

Juniors: Emmaus Retreats

Sophomores: One Day Retreat / Caritas Retreat

Freshmen: One Day Retreat


Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is available through the Offices of the Campus Minister and Chaplain.


Community Support - Funerals

A death in the family is a time of grief for the Bishop Amat community.  Should there be a death in the immediate family of a student, the school encourages the student’s religion class and teacher to attend the funeral services as a means of lending support and sympathy.  Parental permission for each student is arranged in advance.  All other students who wish to attend the funeral are required to bring a parental note specifying when they are to leave and to return to school.