Family Ministry

Family Ministry

The church has long taught that parents are the first catechists of their children.  The home is referred to as the domestic church because it is where each of us encounters God on a daily basis through our relationships, prayers, and activities.  Bishop Amat recognizes our important partnership with the parents and guardians of our students, especially in the area of faith formation.  In 2016, we established the Family Ministry to provide opportunities and resources for families, so that they may connect the faith formation experienced at school to their home life.


Opportunities and Resources:

Family Ministry Web page with Activities and Resources

Family Faith Formation Assignment through Theology Classes

Evenings of Reflection for Families

Parent Faith Formation Presentations and Resources at General Parent Meetings.



Please contact Ms. Nicole Pfiester at with questions or suggestions.

Please follow the directions of your theology teacher regarding due dates and formatting for this assignment.
Family Ministry Assignment #1 (select A or B)

A. As a family refrain from using cell phones for a period of time (Ex: family meal, a Saturday, or family outing). Answer the following questions after the experience:
1. (Students) What was difficult about this experience? What was positive about this experience? Why do you think some people become obsessed with their cell phones?
2. (Parents/Guardians) How do you think this experience affected your family? What do you think are the positive things about cell phones? What are some of the negative things about cell phones?

3. Pope Francis recently told a group of young people:
“Phones are for connecting, life is for communicating! Free yourself from the addiction to mobile phones. Mobile phones are for communication and communication is beautiful and good, but the danger of becoming addicted to mobile phones is very tangible at present…when you become a slave to your mobile phone, you will lose your freedom.”

Why do you think that the Pope spoke about cell phone use?

4. (Students) Tell your parents about something that you learned in your Theology class recently. Write down what you told them about here.

B. As a family, Read LK 16: 10-13.
Students write a summary of the reading.
Students and Parents/Guardians please answer the following questions:

1. What stood out to you in this reading?
2. What do you think was Jesus’ message in the reading?
3. How can people live out this message in their lives?
4. (Students only) Tell your parents about something that you learned in your Theology class recently. Write down what you told them about here.
NEW Online Resources for Parents!
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Welcome to the Family Ministry Page!
Our goal is to provide resources for families, so that our students may connect their faith formation experiences at school with their home life.
Each month students will have a two part assignment in their religion classes.  
First, they will have the opportunity to discuss a topic that they have learned about in theology class with an adult member of their family.  
Secondly, each month we will provide a particular topic with a reflection activity that each student will complete with a parent/guardian.
In addition to these assignments we will also provide parents with faith formation resources and experiences when parents gather at the school for meetings.
If you have any suggestions or requests please email:
Ms. Nicole Pfiester
Family Ministry Coordinator 
Theology Department Chair
Ms. Nicole Pfiester
Family Ministry Coordinator
Theology Department Chair