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Bobby Andrade

Bobby Andrade


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Bobby Andrade Bio


Coach Andrade brings +10 years of high school, collegiate, and professional human performance coaching experience to Bishop Amat High School.  As an athletic performance coach at UCLA (2012-2016), Bobby directed and administrated year-round speed and strength training for baseball, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s dive, track and field, and men’s soccer.  While at UCLA, Bobby was part of both Baseball (’13) and Women’s tennis (’14) national championship teams.  Ensuing a period as the Head Strength Coach at Mater Dei High School, Bobby became director of performance at Sports Academy in Redondo Beach, CA customizing individualized programs for all levels of athletes from youth to professional. Specifically, Bobby designed programs for NFL, collegiate and MLB players.


A previous All-Conference running back at St. Olaf College (2003’-2006’), Bobby has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2012 and earned his Master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia Irvine University (2017). Bobby brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the student-athletes at Bishop Amat High School.  He is most excited to enter his first year as a Lancer alongside the support of his wife Lissell and two boys Bobby and Andrew.  


Mission Statement 


            We are committed in providing a structured environment geared towards developing our student-athletes physically and mentally to compete at the highest level on and off the fieldOur goal is to create a safe and supportive environment in which we motivate, build confidence, promote learning from experience, and instill hard working values so that our student-athletes are equipped to persevere through any obstacles they may encounter.  


Vision Statement

The primary goal of our program is to develop areas of strength, power, energy system development and joint integrity through a ground-based, multi-joint movement approach. Our hierarchical progression system allows us to manipulate programming designed for sport-specific training.  That said, we place much more priority on the ability to build relative strength versus absolute strength numbers alone.  We take pride in our unwavering cohesion with the athletic training staff to administer individual student-athlete needs for recovery.  Return to play rehabilitation programs will be installed so that athletes can work towards being cleared to resume competition.


Transformational Leadership Style


            We take pride in adopting a transformational coaching style for our athletic population at Bishop Amat High School.  This coaching style has been more of a positive influence with both past and present student-athletes.  Providing instruction, discipline and goal setting expectations needed to be met as a team is vital for team growth.    


Human Performance Philosophy


Bishop Amat High School is proud to integrate a Human Performance developmental program dedicated to all of our athletic programs.  Student-athletes will progress through an exercise hierarchy of multiple joint, ground based movements ranging from Level I to Level IV levels of exercise difficulty and coordination. With an understanding of the multiple stressors involved in human athletic performance and the physical demands of each sport, our year-round strength and conditioning program aims to build bullet proof joint integrity, better tissue quality through progressive external load and recovery protocols to prepare the body for the next training stimulus.  Following this approach alongside an educational component of proper exercise execution, a foundation will be established that will allow our student-athletes to better express strength and power qualities. 


Bishop Amat Human Performance Model



Goals:  1) Introduce Level I tri-planar movement qualities 2) Teach Soft Tissue recovery maintenance along with joint mobility and stability methods  3) Introduce deceleration components  4) Develop general coordination




Goals:  1) Master Level I exercise progressions (Progress to Level II)  2) Increase external load during multi-joint ground based movement patterns 3) Build a foundation of relative strength qualities 4) Introduce speed-strength    






Goals:  1)  Graduate from Level II exercise progressions (Progress to Level III and/or IV)  2) Improve neuromuscular control 3) Ability to express strength and power qualities 4) In-season position-specific tailored programming





Goals:  1) Graduate from Level II and III (Progress to Level IV)  2) Challenge and maintain neuromuscular control  3) Ability to express strength and power qualities 4)  In-season position-specific tailored programming