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Report Card Comments


Academic Comments

1    Overall outstanding student

2    Student is well prepared

3    Outstanding effort

4    Good Effort

5    Unsatisfactory effort

6    Outstanding participation

7    Good participation

8    Unsatisfactory participation

9    Too frequently absent

10  Some assignments not completed on time

11  Student fails to make up work when absent

12  Fails to complete assignments regularly

13  Poor project grade

14  Project not completed on time

15  Low quiz/test grades

16  Poor final exam grade

17  Inconsistent quality of work

18  Student is often inattentive

19  Fails to bring required items to class

20  Student does not seek help

21  Student is working below ability

22  Parent contact teacher

23  Student has improved in this class

Citizenship Comments

G   The student’s classroom conduct/citizenship habits are GOOD

C    The student sometimes needs CORRECTION

N    The conduct/citizenship habits of the student NEED IMPROVEMENT

U             The conduct/citizenship habits of this student are UNSATISFACTORY