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Grade Reports

Report Cards

The school issues report cards three times each semester.  Report cards are mailed home.  These grade reports indicate grades and comments on conduct and academic performance.  Attendance records are also included on report cards.  Report cards issued in the 7th and 14th weeks of the semester will reflect the students’ progress in the class so far; at the end of the semester, the report card will reflect the final letter grade. Low grades on the 14 week reports are indicators that a student might fail and credit may not be earned at the semester. (Note that the semester grade is not an average.)  Only the final semester grades appear on the student’s transcripts.

Online Grade Reports

Parents can monitor the progress of their students’ grades via the Internet.  Access codes will be distributed to parents of freshmen and students at one of the orientation sessions in the Fall.  During the year, parent codes are available in the Studies Office from the Registrar. Parents can then go to the Bishop Amat web page, select “parent”, click on the “parent portal,” and access the grades for the students in their family.   There may be a difference between the “View grades” and the final grade on the report card.  After each grading period, parents may select “Progress/Student Report Card” to see final grades. 

The portal will be closed at the end of each semester from the first day of exams to the day report cards are mailed.  For questions about individual grades, contact the teachers directly through their faculty email addresses.  For each faculty member, the email address consists of the first initial of the teacher’s first name, followed by the last name  Teacher email addresses are also listed at the back of Lancer Life.

For questions about the grading and report processes, please call the Studies Office at 626-962-2495 ext. 7405.