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Counseling Department
Bishop Amat recognizes the many needs that young people have today. Growing up is a challenging and often trying experience, and we are fully aware that our students have no social immunity to the temptations and moral dilemmas that face any teenager. 

Counselors are available on campus throughout the day and after school. The counseling program fosters the values that enable our youth to understand themselves and others. We encourage our students to assume personal responsibility for their behavior as well as for their intellectual growth and development in keeping with their talents and abilities. 

Our curriculum is geared to the physical and mental development of the adolescent. The Counselors make an effort to see all students at various times during the school year. A student may request an appointment with his/her counselor by signing on the appointment request lists that are located outside the counseling offices on the first floor of the Faculty House.

Our counselors are experienced teachers with expertise in various specialized areas. The department offers guidance primarily in academics. In addition, counselors can help students gain information about careers and colleges, scholarships, and financial aid for higher education.

Personal Counseling

At times, certain situations require the intervention of a professional therapist for the appropriate resolution of a student problem. When deemed necessary, professional counselors from the Catholic Charities’ office of Psychological Services are consulted. These therapists meet with the students on campus with permission given by the parents on the “Consent to Treatment” form signed at registration. Consultation after three visits or in serious matters may involve the parents. Any student or family wishing to have these services available to them may contact the Head Counselor.