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How to Request a Letter of Recommendation


  1. Ask if your teacher/counselor is willing to write a letter of recommendation.
  2. Provide your teacher/counselor with a copy of your Senior Resume.
  3. If you are applying to a university using the Common Application (, make sure you correctly list the teacher's/counselor's email address under the "Forms" section of your application. This will enable your teacher/counselor to submit a recommendation electronically.
  4. If a university or scholarship requires a paper letter, provide your teacher/counselor with a stamped # 12 (regular business size) envelope addressed to each college. The return address section of each envelope is left blank.
  5. Provide your teacher/counselor at least two weeks to complete the recommendation. This does not include time during Christmas vacation.


  • Students request official transcripts through the Registrar (Ms. Saik) in the Studies Office .  A $5 fee is required for each transcript request.  Please inform the Studies Office if you need the transcript mailed (please provide an address) or if you would like it delivered to you personally.


  • Teachers are not obligated to complete letters of recommendation. Please remember to be courteous and respectful during this process.
  • It would be appropriate to express gratitude to your teacher or counselor and let them know the results of your application process in the spring. 
  • It is strongly suggested that you read the brief article from the College Board, “Letters of Recommendation: How to Stand Out from the Crowd.” The article provides some addition suggestions of other types of important information you may want to share with your teacher or counselor when you request a letter of recommendation. It can be found at: