There are several types of co-curricular programs at Bishop Amat High School.  These programs include: student government and leadership, activities and athletics.  In addition, Bishop Amat High School offers an extensive Christian Service program.  In order to develop Catholic ideals and enhance the Christian community spirit of our campus, a Christian service element is incorporated into each of the co-curricular programs, under the guidance of the Christian Service Moderator.  The Campus Minister and Campus Ministry Team provide additional opportunities for personal and spiritual growth through retreats and liturgical celebrations.


Bishop Amat High School encourages the participation of all of its students in co-curricular programs whenever the student has fulfilled academic as well as behavioral standards as established by the school.  

There are three components of eligibility for each of the co-curricular groups.  The student participant must be able to demonstrate academic achievement, responsible attendance and appropriate self-discipline.   The specific academic and behavioral standards, which must be met in order to participate in co-curricular programs, are unique to the type of program with regards to the level of responsibility given to the participants and the time commitment involved.   

Acceptable overall academic achievement is demonstrated by meeting a minimum GPA requirement.  Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement of their program are put on academic probation for one grading period.  Students are considered academically ineligible to participate if they again do not meet the minimum GPA requirement after the period of academic probation. 

Attendance is monitored through the Attendance Office and any action taken would be in accordance with the established attendance policies. 


Student Council

The executive branch of the Student Body is the Student Council.  It consists of the ASB Officers, Commissioners and Class Officers.  The Student Council conducts the business of the student body including all elections and the organization of most activities.

Student Senate

The other legislative branch of student government is the Student Senate.  It is composed of the following: ASB Officers, Homeroom Representative, representatives from each athletic team, and the President or Vice-President of each club, performance group, and publication group.  The Student Senate meets at least once a semester to provide input to the Student Council and discuss matters of importance to the student body in order to bring information from and communicate information to the members of their respective groups.