Tuition & Fees

2021-2022 Tuition
First Student -      $9,075
Second Student - $6,215 ($2,860 discount)
Third + Student -  $2,530 ($6,545 discount)

1 Student Family:  $ 9,075 per year
2 Student Family:  $15,290 per year
3 Student Family:  $17,820 per year 
2021-2022 Tuition and Fees - International Students 
The International Student (I-20) Tuition and Fees for 2021-2022 is $20,000. This amount is paid in full before July 1, 2021 and covers tuition, registration, ESL Class Fee, and the other various fees that our families incur (Parent Pledge, Family Hours, etc.) Tuition and Fees are non refundable.  Students must purchase their own books.   All other fees are included. 
Registration Fees
The Registration Fee for 2021-22 is $800.00 per student (non refundable, non transferable).  The registration fee offsets the cost of various student services offered throughout the school year (campus ministry, activities, athletics, yearbook, the student planner, summer reading novel and Lancer Life.  The mandatory Fall Raffle is also included in this fee.
Parent Hours Program
Each family is obligated to render 36 hours of volunteer service per year to the school.  Six of the thirty-six hours must be completed through the bingo program and ten hours through the Development Office.
Family Pledge Program
All families participate in the Family Pledge Program by donating $420.00 annually to the Development Program for each year a family has a student attending the school.  Parents fulfill this obligation by making payments of $35 a month.  The donations made through this program provide the school with funds to make capital improvements to the campus.  These donations are tax deductible (non-refundable).
Students purchase textbooks on-line through the Bishop Amat website.  Approximate cost:  $500-$600.
Summer School 2021 Tuition 
The tuition for summer school (per student) is as follows:
One Class         $325.00
Two Classes     $525.00
Three Classes  $625.00
Athletic Fee - $125 a year
Students who opt to participate in sports at Bishop Amat pay an annual Athletic Processing of $125.00. This fee is paid in the Athletic Office and covers the entire year (participation in one or more seasons of sport).  (non refundable).