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Mission, Motto, and Seal

Mission, Motto and Seal

Mission Statement

Bishop Amat Memorial High School is a four-year co-educational Archdiocesan Catholic high school. The mission of the school is to form a faith-filled community and to provide a quality education that addresses the needs of a culturally and academically diverse student body. The comprehensive instructional program flows from a college preparatory curriculum that empowers students to recognize their potential and to meet educational and life challenges in the future. The school, working in partnership with parents and the community, promotes education in Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge by preparing students to embrace Gospel values, to respect themselves and others, to become life-long learners, and to contribute positively to the community.

School Motto

The school motto is Monstra Matrem which translates to “show thyself a mother”.  Our motto describes the spirit of dedication to Our Lady, Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She challenges the Bishop Amat community to live in the spirit of giving, caring and openness to the will of God which her life exemplified.

School Seal

The seal of Bishop Amat Memorial High School is taken from the Bishop’s seal of Bishop Thaddeus Amat.  The hat at the top belongs to the Bishop signifying the title archbishop with green cords draping from it.  On the crest, the outstretched hands of Jesus are from the original seal of the Diocese of Los Angeles-Monterey.  The sword, appropriate for the Lancers, is from the family crest of Bishop Thaddeus Amat.  The motto, Monstra Matrem, is incorporated into the seal.