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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid
Families who are unable to pay full tuition may apply for Bishop Amat High School financial assistance. Applications are available in the Main Office or online.   Must provide required proof of income at the time the application is submitted.
Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Awards (TAP)
A student from a household with a total income at or below the CEF published income guidelines is eligible to apply for a Tuition Assistance Award from the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF).

Families who do not meet the Catholic Education Foundation Income Guidelines or who need additional financial assistance may apply for Bishop Amat Financial Aid.

We strongly encourage applicants to avail of the CEF on-campus Interview process.  Interviews will take place on  Wednesday, November 24, 2021 and Tuesday, January 18, 2022 12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  To make an appointment to meet with a CEF representative, go to click on CONTACT US, SELECT “TAP Appointments.”
Applicants will be notified by the CEF in early March of their award status.
The Bishop Amat High School Scholarship Program provides funding for students who, without financial assistance, would be unable to attend Bishop Amat.  Other than Honors at Entrance Scholarships, all scholarship opportunities have an income component and applicants must provide documentation of income to be eligible to receive the scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded from the pool of financial aid applications turned in to the Finance Office.

The following scholarships and financial aid sources are currently available to students enrolled at Bishop Amat High School:

Bishop Amat High School Endowment Trust Fund
Bishop Amat High School Financial Aid Program
Honors at Entrance Scholarships


The Catholic Education Foundation of Los Angeles (CEF)
Bill Hannon Foundation
George H. Mayr Foundation Scholarships
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Scholarships
The Rose Hills Foundation Scholarships
Daughter's of Charity Scholarships


Amat Legacy Scholarship
Angelo J. Brutocao Memorial Scholarship
Bishop Amat High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Tommy Borruso Memorial Scholarship
John and Alice Brick Scholarships
Byrne Family Scholarships
Carmen and Lucy Cavezza Scholarships
DLS Scholarship Fund
Armando Gallegos Scholarships
Sylvester M. Graff Scholarships
Helen F. Haden Scholarships
John and Luanne Hernandez-Storr Scholarships
George and Maria Isho Scholarship
Steven P. Knight '78 Memorial Scholarship
Robert H. Krause Art Scholarship
Knights of Columbus, Fr. Maguire Council Scholarships
Gordon and Elizabeth Ludwig Scholarships
Daylon McCutcheon Scholarships
William & Agnes McGee Scholarships
E.F. McGrade & Eileen McGrade Scholarship
Military Memorial Scholarships
The Mike and Waunita Mulvehill - Ted Mulvehill ‘68 Scholarship Fund
Joseph “Sparky” O’Connor Scholarships
Charles F. Policare Memorial Scholarship
Retreat Support Scholarships
RJ's Legacy Scholarship
Frank D. Richardson Scholarship
The Ashley Roth Memorial Scholarship
John and Michelle Sciarra Scholarships
Scott Sullivan Textbook Scholarships
Spohn Family Scholarship
St. Martha Parish Scholarship
Jack and Rose Mary Teague Memorial Scholarships
Rosella and Christopher R. Trujillo Scholarship Fund
Watson Land Company Scholarships
The James and Mary Pat Wiard Scholarship Fund
The Monsignor Roland Zimmerman Scholarship Fund


Class of 1961 Scholarship
Class of 1968 Scholarship
Class of 1969 Scholarship
Class of 1970 Scholarship
Class of 1971 Scholarship
Class of 2010 Scholarship
Class of 2011 Scholarship
Class of 2012 Scholarship
Class of 2013 Scholarship