From the Attendance Office

  • If your student is absent, please call the Attendance Office the morning of the absence and send him/her with a signed absent note on the day he/she returns to school.
  • Students arriving to campus after 8:15 am should always check into school at the Attendance Office.  If possible, please provide him/her with a signed absent note, as well.  Students that do not check in are subject to a Saturday Detention.
  • If your student is not feeling well during the school day, please remind him/her to go to the Infirmary or Attendance Office to call from the school phone instead of using his/her personal device.  This way, we know that the student is ill and will be better able to tend to his/her needs and check him/her out of school quickly when someone arrives to pick him/her up.
  • A student should never leave campus without checking out at the Attendance Office. This is considered truancy.  For emergency purposes, it is extremely important to know exactly which students are on campus at all times.
  • Early Dismissal requests should be dropped off by the student at the Attendance Office by 8 am.  Be sure to include the time and reason for the early dismissal.
  • Students cannot be pulled for early dismissals during break, lunch or scheduled activities (i.e. assemblies, retreats, Mass, etc.)
  • Please do your best to ensure that your son/daughter has his/her lunch before leaving the house in the morning. 
  • The school does not allow any lunch deliveries from parents or from food delivery apps.  All attempted deliveries will be turned away.  
  • Please ensure that your student’s name is on his/her belongings (i.e. books, lunch bags, binders, backpacks, sweatshirts, etc.) so that the item can be returned to him/her if it is lost.
Thank you!!!
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