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Courses & Registration

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It is important that parents and students are familiar with the following steps in the 2022-2023 course registration process:

STEP 1:  Counselors will meet with students during homeroom and through individual conferences to discuss class selections and provide students with:

  • A copy of their unofficial transcript
  • A replica of the 2023-2024 Registration Form (to be used as a worksheet)
  • 2023-2024 Billing/Computer Information Form

STEP 2:  Students will meet individually with their school counselor and select courses in consultation with their parents.  Students will be provided with the actual 2023-2024 Registration Form. In addition to obtaining a parent signature on the form, students must get all other necessary signatures if any of their selected courses require them. Some courses also require a permission form to be signed by parents (mostly Honors and AP/IB courses).

STEP 3: Students return the following to their counselor by the due date listed below:

  • Completed Course Registration Form (with parent signature)
  • Course approval forms (if applicable)
  • Completed Billing / Computer Information Form The deadline for submission of the course registration/course approval/billing information forms is as follows:

Freshmen to be Sophomores - February 8, 2023
Juniors to be Seniors - March 15, 2023
Sophomores to be Juniors  - April 5, 2023

STEP 4:  All parents (regardless of grade) will be billed Registration Fee - Part I in February. This is due by April. In June, the Registration Fee - Part II will be billed to all student accounts. This fee covers the purchase of Grand Raffle tickets and offsets the cost of various student services throughout the year (student activities, campus ministry, athletics, student planner, summer reading, and yearbook).

 No student will be considered registered for the 2023-2024 school year until payment of all Registration Fees is complete.