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Christian Morality

This course is a one semester study of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Based on the Ten Commandments and Catholic Church teaching, the course explores the virtue taught by the Christ and applies them to practical life situations.
Please see the Course Syllabus for more information.


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H/W #3

RQs p. 14 #1-4, p. 20 #1-5
Period 2 due Thursday January 12
Period 5 due Friday January 13

H/W #2

Review Questions p. 11 #1-6
Answer in complete sentences.  Skip a line between question answers.  You do not need to write the question.
Period 2 due Wednesday January 11
Period 5 due Wednesday January 11

H/W #1

Signed syllabus
Period 2:  Due Wednesday, January 11
Period 5:  Due Wednesday, January 11

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