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The Sacraments course is a one semester class designed to help students understand that they encounter Christ today in a full and real way in and through the sacraments, especially through the Eucharist.  Students will examine each of the seven sacraments in detail to learn how they may encounter Christ throughout life.

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H/W #4

RQs p. 54 #1,2,3,5
Per. 2 due Friday Sept. 22
Per. 5 due Mon. Sept. 25
Family Faith Formation due by 3 p.m. Friday Sept. 29


The Chapter 1 test will take place as follows:
Period 2:  Thursday, September 14
Period 5:  Friday, September 15
Choose one of the following to be written during test time:
1.  What does it mean to say that Christians are the sacrament of Jesus as Jesus is the sacrament of God?  Tell me about two people you know who you feel are Christ-like.  How do they strengthen the body of Christ?
2.  What is the communion of saints?  How are Christians living on earth called to live their lives as priest, prophet, and king?


 Phase I due:
Period 2:  October 3
Period 5:  October 4
Remember- it is ok to submit black and white photos; they do not need to be in color!
Follow the instructions for format and organization.
Remember to say a prayer for someone when you make your church visit!