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Parking Lots

Parking Lots

Students who bring automobiles, motorcycles, or scooters to campus must be licensed drivers.  They are responsible for following all Department of Motor Vehicle regulations regarding driving and insurance.  Driving is a privilege, not a right.  Student violators of the vehicle code or laws that protect safety are subject to disciplinary action.

Parents and other carpool drivers should never enter the Faculty Parking Lot or the Senior Parking Lot before school in order to drop off students who do not drive.  Likewise, drivers should not enter the parking lots after school to pick up students.  However, parents may enter the Senior Parking Lot to pick up students after 3:15 pm on a regular day when the majority of students have exited the lot.

When possible, there will be an attendant or Security Officer at the student parking lot gate.  Students and parents need to follow directions given by the attendant or Security Officer.

Parking Permits

1.  The parking lot on the corner of Orange and Fairgrove is reserved for faculty and visitors.  The Senior Parking Lot is west of the 400 and 500 wings and lunch area.

2.  Student Services makes arrangements for the parking of student cars on campus in keeping with the regulations.  Parking Permits are available to students per semester for a fee.

3.  Students may park only in specified areas.  Violation of these regulations will result in parking privileges being revoked.  Parking fees will not be refunded.

4.  All parking lots are off limits during the school day.  Students are not allowed to go to their cars during the school day.

5.  The maximum speed limit on campus is 8 miles per hour.

6.  Students who are illegally parked or fail to follow set regulations in the Senior Parking Lot may receive a Saturday Detention and/or have their parking privileges revoked.