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Attendance Office

Students are expected to have regular and prompt attendance in class. Written explanations from a parent or guardian explaining absences and tardiness must be kept and are on file in the Attendance Office. Missing more than 40 minutes of an 80-minute class (or half the period for a shorter class) constitutes an absence.
A student who misses more than 7 class sessions in a semester, for a particular course, is considered to be excessively absent. A student that is excessively absent is in danger of losing academic credit for the course(s) in which the absences occurred. In special and rare cases, where there is documented evidence that additional days of absence are necessary, a student may be allowed up to 10 days of absence without losing credit. However, if a student exceeds 10 days of absence in any particular course, he/she may lose academic credit, regardless of the academic grade. Any student that exceeds 15 absences will lose academic credit regardless of the grade or reason(s) for the absence(s).
When a student reaches 7 absences in a class for any reason (excused, unexcused, truancy, or suspension) during a semester, a conference may be scheduled with the student, a parent, and the Assistant Principal, Student Services. At this conference, reasons for the excessive absences will be reviewed and an attendance contract will be signed. The student must adhere to the contract in order to earn credit for the class.
Awards for Perfect Attendance are given at the end of each year. To be eligible for this award, a student must be present each period of each day, including homeroom. Exceptions to these criteria include absences due to school retreats, athletic team competitions, approved school field trips and activities, required Confirmation Retreats, and parish-verified participation in Youth Day. Students with excessive tardies may not be eligible for Perfect Attendance.
Types of Absences
1. Excused absences
a. valid illness
b. medical, dental, or optometry appointment
c. legal or court appearance
d. attendance at funeral services
e. approved school sponsored activities
2. Unexcused absences
a. all other absences taken with permission of the parents, but not that of the school;
b. any absence for an acceptable reason (as listed above) in which the parents have failed to notify the school and have not written a note for the student’s attendance file.
3. Partial Class Absences
a. A student who is absent for more than 40 minutes of an 80-minute class is considered absent for that class.
b. Missing half of a 40-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute class constitutes an absence.
4. Truancy
Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence from school without the knowledge and consent of both the parents and the proper school authority, either for a whole day, part of a day, or part of a class period.
5. Authorized Family Absence
Authorized family absences are those absences that have been prearranged through and approved by the Assistant Principal, Student Services. These absences are counted towards the student’s 7 allowable absences and will be included in the total absence count if a loss of credit situation should arise.
Note: A mandated and verified court appointment is not counted as an absence provided the student presents an official statement from the court noting the time and length of the appointment upon return to school.