Bishop Amat Memorial High School

SportsWare Online FAQ

SportsWare OnLine Frequently Asked Questions


What is SportsWare Online?


Prior to participating on a sports team at Bishop Amat High School, each athlete must provide the Athletic Department with a current address as well as emergency contact, insurance, medical alert, and health history information. To expedite this process the Athletic Department uses SportsWare, which is a secure online data entry system.


How do I sign into SportsWare Online?


Follow the steps in the SportsWare OnLine Intructions PDF found below.


I have more than 1 student attending; can I sign up with the same email address?


Yes, you can use the same email address for multiple siblings, but you must choose a different password for each athlete. However, make sure this is an email you use. Also, be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder for emails that are coming directly from SportsWare Online.


What is the “School ID” that SportsWare is asking for when I sign up?


The School ID is BAHS NOT your student ID number.


I signed up for SportsWare Online, what do I do now?


The confirmation process after the initial sign up can take up to 5-7 business days. When confirmation of your profile takes place you will receive an email (to the email address you signed up with) with a link to follow to complete your profile by setting your password and logging into SportsWare for the first time.


I signed up for SportsWare Online, but haven’t received a confirmation email.


Make sure you have checked the junk/spam folders from or the email from “” If it has been over 7 days since signing up and you still have not received an email there may have been a spelling mistake or other issue when signing up for SportsWare. Please sign up again using that email making sure it is spelled correctly and that “” is not set to spam.


How do I electronically sign the “Forms”?


The electronic signature happens after you have completed all empty fields on the form and clicked on the “Save & Submit” button. You will then fill in your name and check a box notifying you that this is an electronic signature. NOTICE: ONLY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN MAY E-SIGN ALL DOCUMENTS.


What do I do if I’ve been told “My Info” is not completed?

Please see the steps in SportsWareOnLineIntructions PDF found below for details on filling out the “My Info” section. If you have filled out this section before but are being told it is not complete please make sure all required fields are filled or make sure the fields are filled out and you have clicked on the “Save” button before exiting.


What do I do if I’ve been told “Forms” are not completed?


Please see the steps in SportsWare OnLine Intructions PDF.


I completed my “Forms” but they were not accepted?


If your form was submitted but not accepted and you are being required to resubmit it this is because either a required field was left blank or the form was signed by a minor under the age of 18 and the electronic signature needs to be done by a parent or guardian.


My computer won’t open the “Forms”?


Some compatibility issues may arise when opening the fillable PDF documents. Please make sure your internet browser is up to date and or try viewing and filling out the PDFs on another computer or device. DO NOT just print out the documents as they need to filled out and submitted online.