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What is an Athletic Trainer?
An Athletic Trainer is an allied health professional that specializes in the athletic population. The role of the athletic trainer is prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. The responsibilities of the Athletic Training staff at Bishop Amat High School is to perform emergency management and evaluation of injuries sustained during practices and competitions. The Athletic Trainer works with local physicians of various specializations and will make a recommendation to the injured athlete’s parents as to whether or not a visit to a physician is warranted and which type of physician would be the most appropriate. They can also recommend specific physicians if necessary. The Athletic Trainer will then perform treatment and rehabilitation of the injury to allow the athlete’s safe return to practice and competition.
The Athletic Training Student Program
The Athletic Training Student Program is geared towards students with an interest in pursuing a career in the medical field. Whether you want to become a physician, surgeon, physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, or nurse, participation in this program provides hands on experience that students would not normally learn until their college years. Gaining theses skills as a high school student gives you a competitive edge as you apply for college. Colleges and universities will recognize your extra-curricular involvement as an intern in a nationally recognized allied health medical field. You will not only become an important member of the sports medicine team at Bishop Amat, but you will become a member of the Athletic Training Family.
Student Athletic Trainer Opportunities
Student Athletic Trainers are students who are interested in helping the Bishop Amat athletic teams by learning skills in first aid and athletic training. Student athletic trainers are a vital part of the sports medicine field. Our goal is to expose you to the field of athletic training/sports medicine through hands-on experience. Through this program the high school student who has little or no previous athletic training experience will build their athletic training ability. An emphasis will be placed each day on the prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. As an athletic training student, there is the privilege of earning varsity letters and awards that the teams receive. In addition, participating in this program results in the accumulation of volunteer hours which can be beneficial for scholarships, college applications, school projects, and building your resume. The program will address the current concepts in Sports Medicine. Topics will include, but are not limited to:
• Taping Techniques 
• First Aid/Wound Care
• Emergency Procedures 
• Stretching Techniques
• Care for Heat Illness
• Splinting Techniques
• Athletic Injuries
• Athletic Training Profession
• Rehabilitation Techniques
• Concussions

I encourage both parents and students to use the information below to reach me at anytime, for any reason.

Jose Luis Chavez, MS, ATC

Office: 626-962-2495, Ext. 7431