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Summer School

Summer School is open for enrollment to students attending Bishop Amat High School as well as other Catholic and public high schools.  Summer School hours total 60 hours of classroom instruction for each five credit course.  Adherence to attendance policies is expected.  Students absent more than three days will not receive credit.
Courses are offered for pre-ninth grade students to strengthen skill in English or mathematics and are non-credit courses.  Other enrichment and advancement courses are also available.  Current students may select from make-up, elective, or advancement courses as offered.
Any student wishing to take courses off campus during Summer School must obtain written permission from the Studies Office prior to enrollment. Only visual/performing arts or computer classes from other high schools will be considered for inclusion on the student's Bishop Amat transcript.  College courses taken in advanced science and mathematics may be considered for placement in advanced courses at Bishop Amat during the regular school year.  Adult Education, ROP and other kinds of courses are not transferable for Bishop Amat credit.
Summer School 2016 will begin on Monday, June 20 and continue through Friday, July 22 (with the exception of the July 4 holiday). 
Any student who earns a semester failing (F) grade in any course is required to attend summer school at Bishop Amat.  Additionally, students who earn a D (or F) grade in Spanish I must attend summer school before continuing with Spanish II.
Moreover, a number of elective courses are offered for students seeking to earn additional credits and/or meet subject requirements for graduation (ie: Health Educaiton, Visual/Performing Arts, etc.).
Registration forms are currently available in the Front Office (and via the link below) for students who earned a first semester F grade or for those who intend to take an elective course this summer.  A copy of the Summer School 2016 Course Catalog may be obtained by clicking on the link below. 
Tuition for Summer School 2016 is as follows: 
One Course...... $325
Two Courses.... $450
Three Courses..$575
Health Only.......$125
Summer School 2016 registration forms and accompanying tuition payments may be submitted to the main office.  Registration forms and course catalogs are available in the main office and by clicking the links found below.  Registration deadlines are as follows:
May 13 - Current Bishop Amat students registering for elective courses and/or makeup courses for Semster I failures
June 17 - Current Bishop Amat students registerting for makeup courses for Semester II failures