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Bishop Amat High School
Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidelines

Bishop Amat High School offers several types of scholarship and financial assistance to students enrolled in our school.

Honors at Entrance Scholarships
Honors at Entrance Scholarships are granted to incoming 9th grade students only. Students who score in the 95th to 99th national percentile on the Bishop Amat Entrance Exam will receive a scholarship in the amount of $4,000, students who score in the 90th to 94th percentile will receive a scholarship in the amount of $3,000, and students who score in the 85th to 89th percentile will receive a scholarship in the amount of $2,000. These scholarships are awarded regardless of a families income.

Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Awards (TAP)
The Catholic Education Foundation provides $2,000 tuition awards to students whose household income meets the following income guidelines:

Household Size      Income Eligibility
2                           $23,950
3                           $30,139
4                           $36,329
5                           $42,518
6                           $48,707
7                           $54,911
8                           $61,131
Each Additional   $   6,219
We strongly encourage applicants to avail of on-site processing (December 5, 2016).  To make an appointment to meet with a CEF Representative, please see Mrs. Nora Marino in the Bishop Amat Finance Office.  Families who do not meet with a CEF Representative must turn in their application materials no later than Saturday, January 7, 2017.  Applicants will be notified by the CEF in early March of their award status.

Bishop Amat Scholarship/Financial Aid Opportunities
In order to be considered for a Named Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship, or Bishop Amat assistance, an application for financial aid must be submitted.

Families who apply for a CEF Tuition Award and are denied or wait listed, are eligible to apply for Bishop Amat High School financial aid.
Families who do not meet the Catholic Education Foundation Income Guidelines or who are applying after January 7, 2017 may apply for Bishop Amat Financial Aid.  Applications for Bishop Amat Financial Aid must be turned in to the Finance Office no later than April 28, 2017.  Tax returns for 2016 are required.

Named Scholarship and Foundation Scholarship recipients will be drawn from the Bishop Amat Financial Aid pool of applicants.
Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to Mrs. Nora Marino in the Finance Office at 626-962-2495, Ext. 7414.